Hi, I'm Sue Bradburn. I started out specialising in children and pet photography, mainly because I just love animals and kids, and if I capture the essence and character of your loved one, it makes my day. Since then I've branched out, now owning my own studio in Bromley Cross in Lancashire, and am looking to create pieces of art for you to enjoy forever.

Originally based in the North West of England in a tiny village called Edgworth.... hence the spelling of our name.... I first started taking photos with an old Kodak film camera of my parents from around the age of 7. After years of learning along the way (and many thumbs in photos) I eventually progressed to a Canon SLR. I then realised, with an enormous amount of practice, I loved it and wanted to do more and more with the photos.

Film and processing at the time was very expensive and I left my SLR for a while as normal life took over. Then on my 50th birthday, I decided I wanted to get back into photography and needed a DSLR. My friends and family clubbed together and ..... the rest is history.

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